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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Art Work: Olster The Fool

My next art project was taken from the book cover "The Imaginative World of the Reformation".  I had great fun doing it.  I decided to do this art project when I was taking a graduate class at Houston Baptist University and studying the church history of England.  (Remember:  that is where religion began).  The original piece was a wood carving.  Wood carving was very popular in early art.  This piece was created by Heinrich Vogtherr, The Younger, titled "The Fool".  I could not find the date that Heinrich completed this piece.  Heinrich however walked this earth from 1513 to 1568.    

Meet Olster The Fool, who was a court jester for Queen Elizabeth. (of the Tudor family line).

I am very happy with the work I did on this piece.

Medium: Soft Pastels

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  1. This is amazing. How fun to travel this road of discovery with you - we, your readers, get to discover and enjoy the unfolding of your artistic talents along with you. Blessings to me.