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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Contemporary Art Works by Theresa - Fun pieces from my art class - April 6, 2015

These are just fun learning pieces from my art class.  Technique is wet on wet.  Quite the challenge because each piece was timed for 8 minutes of painting.  Yes the instructor timed us with an actual timer, which screamed loudly and rudely warning us that our 8 minutes of painting were up.  All paint brushes down please!

The reason behind the timing of the works were two fold:  1.  so the paper would not dry out.  Instructor had us wet the entire paper in the beginning.  2. also for us to learn 'when to stop painting'.  So many painters want to keep on going, thinking they will either correct an error or make the painting better.  What actually happens is that by adding more color or water the painting reacts as a palette by mixing the added water or paint on the art work itself.  The end result is that the work just ends up with muddy colors.  

stormy skies full of clouds over the ocean.  

brilliant sun set

at the harbor at sunset 

I have used both the wet on wet technique and the timed painting technique before.  They still are a challenge to me!

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