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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Contemporary Art Works by Theresa - Bridget, inspired by Saint Briget of Kildare, Ireland


Graphite Pencil, Watercolor Wash
March 10, 2016

Meet Bridget

Bridget got her name by an artist friend of mine, Peggy (check out her amazing creativity on her blog  When I told Peggy I loved this painting of mine so much that I wanted to name her - Peggy wrote:  Bridget, inspired by Saint Briget of Kildare, a patron saint of Ireland.  She shares her name with an important Celtic goddess, and there are many legends and folk customs associated with her.  She was a goddess poets adored and associated with Spring.  Peggy also said, "She just looked Irish to me, I think with the red hair."

Thank you Peggy for giving my art lady her name!  Bridget - I love it!

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