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Monday, June 13, 2016

A Great Night's Sleep . . . .

I want to share with you how to have A Great Night's Sleep. 

For years I struggled, some nights sleeping well, but most nights not.  No matter what I seemed to do helped me.  I wanted to be holistic in my approach, so after many tried and failed attempts to regulate myself with a good sleep pattern I finally hit upon one that has been very successful for the past year!  Yes, one year and I have slept like a baby EVERY night.  Will it also work for you?  I cannot promise that, but it has worked for me. 

What you say - what already!!

A MILLET HULL NIGHT PILLOW (from Brookstone but I bet you could get it almost any where).

so this is the pillow (has a zipper at one end) looks like a very ordinary pillow.

Here are the LAVENDER millet hulls!  The pillow comes chock full of these.  Too many for me, so I emptied some out to save and add at another time.  These are 100% certified organic millet hulls. 

Huh you say!  Millet seeds are tiny in size, round, and amazingly smooth.  When hulls are separated from the seeds, these tiny emply shells ratin their soft and velvety texture and feel sikly and fluffy to our touch!  

Millet hulls fully contour our neck line and smoothly shift along as we move in our sleep.  They provide solid neck support throughout the night and offer relief from shoulder/neck tightness.  

So 100% certified organic millet hulls, U.S. grown and are hypo-allergenic.  I chose Lavender because I like a holistic approach to my wellness - lavender is a natural relaxer!  

Sleep well!

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