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Thursday, June 2, 2016

My New Adventure - Art Journaling Book One

As usual I hardly ever do anything in a simple manner - so this also would include my new adventure into Art Journaling.

Instead of working on beginning one, I have decided to start working on two (of course)!  Two very different styles!

Because I have just returned from France (including England and Germany) I thought this would be a wonderful way to explore art journaling!  This book is an inexpensive composition book, mostly used with elementary school children.  One can purchase these at your local dollar store.

Because the pages are very thin, it is suggested that you glue two together if you chose to paint on them with acrylic or markers.  If you chose to use watercolors be sure to prepare the page properly to accept the watercolors.  AFTER gluing two pages together, apply Absorbent Ground  - the Absorbent Ground will make the paper act like watercolor paper~  Just a little something new I just learned!

If you are going to write in the journal - which these lines composition pages are perfect for then there is no need to glue them.  

Another post for book 2!

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