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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Did you know . . .

Did you know 
that there are 5 elements in every painting?
1.  drawing
2.  value
3.  color
4.  composition (or design)
5.  edges

  1. Drawing:  good drawing skills are fundamental.  This consists of patient observation, good training, & LOTS of practice!
  2. Value:  is relative lightness or darkness of an object, 
  3. Color:  hues and intensity, and of course, temperature,
  4. Composition:  satisfy with good balance, enter from the left of the right, create an eye path, consider the form of composition such at 'thirds' or 'crucible', 
  5. Edges:  these occur whenever shapes meet such as subject hair with the background. The eye fixes to sharp edges, but coasts gently over soft ones.  Place your hardest edges near the center of interst.  Also sharp edges that have strong value shifts works even better!

(Reference:  Painting Beautiful Skin Tones with Color and Light:  Chris Saper).

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