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Monday, August 1, 2016

I'm Wild About Labyrinth's!

Labyrith's - my so favorite fun thing to do!  Well it's about more than fun - it's a spiritual thing!

I am walking this labyrinth at The Univerity of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas.  It is beautiful!
Did you know that there are about 22 ish labyrinth's in and around the Houston area?

So there are two schools of thought concerning the Labyrinth.  One is from the Greek Mythology, and one is from a Christian perspective.  I prefer the Christian one.  The labyrinth was built in catherdals for the pilgrims that could not travel (make a pilgrimage) to the Holy Lands to prayer.  They would instead walk the labyrinth focused on prayer and their Lord God.  

So here's the Greek version:  The Minotaur (half man, half animal) monster had to be fed 12 young maidens and young boys each Spring in order to keep him happy.  King Mino's was not happy about this since he had a young daughter named Ariadne.  Theseus was on his way to Athens in time for the yearly tribute to sailing ships.  And so enters Bachelor #1:  When Theseus passed through Crete, Ariadne saw him and fell madly in love! (Of course).

Ariadne gave Theseus a ball of string so he could fasten one end of it to the labyrinth's door and unwind it as he went through looking for the Minotaur.  Ariadne promised to help Theseus escape if he promised to take her to Athens and marry her.  He promised, she helped and he did flee the labyrinth!  They jumped on his ship and set said for Athens . . . .  do you hear wedding bells . . . not so quick!

On the way to Athens, Theseus stopped his ship on the Island of Naxos where he abondoned Ariadne to go hang out with his good friend the God of Wine Dionysus.  With a little wine, Thesueus soon forgot his promise to Ariadne!

The story does not end well.  So Theseus is sailing along.  He told his father that a white sail meant he would sail smoothly into Athens, a black sail meant yeah wasn't gonna happen!  Theseus forgot there was a black sail flying - forgot his promise to his Dad.  Well, when his Dad saw the black sail up he was filled with grief over his son's death, he jumped off a cliff into the sea.

Remember to keep your promises!

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