"Let the beauty of what you love be what you do." - Rumi

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My Home Art Studio

Many are asking for pics of my home art studio - where my creativity happens. 

I will share!

Here is the hallway leading to my art studio (room) and as you can see it is my gallery wall!  But, truthfully - my art is hanging all over the house!  

In my opinion (mine only) a true artist will paint anywhere and on anything!  Yes, I did paint this ivy plant on the wall - well, stenciled it way back in the day when I was first getting interested in painting.  It will lead you into my studio.

Entering into my studio.  I do hang my work everywhere!  Please take note in the lower left corner of this photo!  Yes, my kitty Mozart spends a good part of his day in here with me while I work. 

Work table - of course - I picked up and cleaned up the best I could before taking a photo.  Usually, although I am a very neat working artist.  The small easel that you see there on my work table is from Daley Rowney and I use it for my watercolors.  Main reason is that the flat part (where you put your paper) sits on a ball that you can manipulate to create water movement in your art work.  

Another shot - man - I just love my space! The book shelf holds and keeps organized many of my supplies.  I like order! Of course, the drawers are full and the botton cabinets are full of more art books, videos and supplies!

DVD player only - no TV - sometimes I like to watch instructional art videos or just a video about art.  Or maybe just a romantic comedy to help lighten things up since I seem to get really intense at times. Oh and yes, those are a few of my counted cross stitches I did way way back in the day!  Funny!

This is my easel that I use to do my pastel work.  I am trying to figure out how to put wheels on it so I can move it around the room!  I can keep most of my pastels in the drawer and the lip catches most of the dust from the pastels.  I pull up the blind and I have more light than I need.  

Here are my books shelves that hold art books, hand made sketch books, store bought sketch books, and many other books that give me inspiration! Also I keep my portfolios here, too!

I will hang my art anywhere! And I do use this door as an "idea" area . . . .

More of the above!  

This little rolling table holds all my watercolor and acrylic supplies.  Plus, oh yeah, don't miss more of my wall hangings!


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