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Monday, August 1, 2016

The Art of Natural Dying Paper and Fabric + Book Making

Book Binding . . . 

I enrolled in a class at the local art league for a Book Binding class where we dyed our own paper with natural ingredients.  

The course focused on two simple processes:  natural dye on paper and simple book making techniques.  The technique used for binding the book together was Japanese Stab Binding. 

Here are some photos of the dyed paper:



Cochineal (flower from a cactus plant) and the right side of the page is indigo again

The following are swatches from fabric:

This is indigo.  I folded the fabric like a fan and then placed three rubber bands of different sizes around the fanned fabric and immersed in the indigo.  

These four fabrics are Tumeric, Indigo, Cochineal and once again the indigo fanned fabric with rubber bands for design.  

We have also used dyes such as avacado skins, rosemary, blueberry, and red and white onion skins. 

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