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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Needle Felting Book Cover Finished!

From my September 3rd post - here again it the front cover of my Needle Felting book cover.

I decided that before stitching a decorative edge around the front of the cover, maybe it would be nice to line the inside - let's see . . . 

I found this piece of beautiful wool at my local quilt shop.  I loved the color contrast, so I was willing to give it a try.  I measured, cut, and pinned the lining (wool piece) to the front cover.  

I then decided that I would prefer the blanket embroidery stitch.  I used multi-colored silk floss (3 strands for strength) and began my blanket stitching around all four edges.   Remember that you leave a long end of floss at the first stitch and then weave it into or knot to secure.

Here is a look at the finished cover.  Inside and outside.  I am very pleased with the appearance.  

Next, I will need to add the paper.  I have measure, cut, folded and punched holes with a book binding ale into my chosen paper.  I am ready with my waxed linen bookbinding thread and begin to sew the pieces into place.   Measure one inch for the tail of your thread and then measure three times the length of your paper page to determine how much thread you will need.   Once again, with the first stitch leave a tail so that you will be able to tie it off at the finish.

I then decided to add ribbon because I did not want the appearance of the sewn binding on my book cover on the inside or outside.  I attached the ribbon on the inside with some double sided tape just to keep it in place.  It's okey if late the tape releases itself (a break down of the glue) because the ribbon will be fixed on the outside of the binding.   On the outside side, I did a couple of random tack type stitches (ribbon to cover) to keep the ribbon in place. 

Here is the finished book cover.  I am pleased with this project.  I really like Needle Felting and I am going to start writing and sketching immediately into my new book!


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