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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Needle Felting - Zombie

Needle Felting 

My Latest Addiction

Now that I have completed a book cover to work on a book binding project, I decided it was time for something more challenging.  I want to do a doll . . .type . . . thingie . . .

My Zoombie!

Not finished

Head Shot #1

Head Shot #2

I did have a body on it, but was not satisfied with it so I pulled it apart!  Back to the creation table!

Go to Hobby Lobby and pick up your Needle Felting Supplies (see early post) and some styrofoam balls (for the shape of the head).

Start pulling the roving to fit around the head, punching/stabbing it into place.  Make sure there are no 'see thru' areas and that you are not stingy with the roving.  Then must pull your roving apart and shape into a nose, mouth and eyeballs.  I found that when i needed a rounded shape, I would slightly wet the palm of my hand and roll the roving in it.  The dampness made the roving form the round shape better.  

Go.  Have Fun!

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