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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Sew Easy

Quick and Easy Sewing Project

Step #1

Start with a Pocket Pot Holder
Pretty Button
Needle and Thread 

Step #2
My Pot Holder Had a hook on the tab for purposes of hanging.  Find the right size button that will fit through a hook like this - no worries if you do not have one.  I will tell you what to do if you do not at the end of this project. Sew that chosen button in place. 

Step #3
Because my gray button was so plain and boring for me I decided to add some color with a smaller button that I sewed directly on top of the gray one using the same sewing holes.

Step 4
Check to make sure it actually works!  Yay, it does!

Step #5 

Put your chosen objects in the pocket!  Quick and Easy.

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A POTHOLDER WITH A HOOK - no problem.  Just find a pretty ribbon and sew the top of it where the tab (and hook) would be.  Wrap that piece of ribbon (once sewn on) around the button to close your pocket!  


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