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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I Love to Quilt!

Crazy Quilt

I've done two crazy quilts before - maybe you have seen them posted on here.  But I have never embellished one and have collected books for years in an effort to persuade myself to do this. 

Last week at my local quilt shop where my sewing circle meets, the owner told me they were forming a group to put together crazy quilts.  Ears perked up!

"The kits are FREE", she said.

The kits are free, but you must add the embellishments.  We will meet once a month and at the end of a year you will have enough squares (13 x 13) to put together a good size quilt. 

Well  . . . . really . . . .  seriously . . . .

Of course I jumped on this.  

So the way it works is every month you recieve a kit with enough fabrics of similar colors and a piece of muslin to use as a foundation for placing the fabics in a scrappy, crazy pattern of your choice.  Your square must be 13 x 13. 

Then you can add hand embellishments ONLY in the colors that are in the fabric pieces. 

Any type embellishments.  Any mixture of embellishments. 

You recieve points for your progress.  The one with the most points at the end of the 12 months chooses the stack of squares in the color (one color only) of her choice!  F.U.N. 

Here is my first block.  I decided to only embellish with embroidery. 

So. Much. Fun!

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